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Local Author Sets Elf Romance in Boulder

A tale of urban growth restriction and supernatural love.


Boulder, CO, February 1, 2008—Boulder’s open-space policy is what allows elves and humans to hook up in Esri Rose’s first romantic-suspense novel, BOUND TO LOVE HER (May 8, 2008). Rose, a resident of Boulder, has given this love story a definite environmental message. Her Lord of the Rings-type elves depend on wilderness areas for their life force, so humans are unknowingly driving them to extinction. Rose says, “My elves wouldn’t encounter humans in most places, but because Boulder‘s wilderness is so close and we’re always in it, the hypothetical odds are high.”

In the story, Erin Chandler takes her neighbor’s dog for an evening hike in Boulder‘s open space. She stumbles across Galan, lying injured and barely conscious. Erin has no idea he’s an elf, under attack from Fellseth, a renegade “dark” elf. Fellseth has severed Galan’s link to his land — Galan’s source of energy. When Erin helps Galan out of the woods, her act of kindness results in a mysterious bond that allows him to draw energy from her as he would from the earth. When Fellseth learns that Erin can support an elf, he plans to finish Galan off once and for all and take Erin for his own.

In addition to being a romantic adventure, the book is a valentine to Boulder. The heroine owns a New Age shop, and Fellseth hypnotizes city-council members over lunches at Flagstaff House. Galan and his comrades set up secret headquarters at the public library, enjoying both the free Internet terminals and the creek-side setting.

Rose only recently learned about Boulder‘s Downtown Tulip Fairy and Elf Parade. “I was really excited about the marketing potential until I saw that it’s for little kids–not exactly the demographic for a book with a hot guy on the cover.” Rose is currently working on the sequel.

BOUND TO LOVE HER, by Esri Rose, will be available at bookstores May 8, 2008 and is available for pre-order through at a 5% discount. 320 pages, $3.99 debut-author price, mass-market paperback, Zebra, ISBN: 1-4201-0251-6.




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