Author biography

Esri Rose attended the University of Missouri in Columbia, graduating magna cum laude with a BA in Radio-TV-Film.

Rose has written and produced ads for radio and television. She also worked at the National Potato Promotion Board, and has forgotten more about potatoes than most people will ever know. In a memorable stint as associate editor of Zymurgy magazine at the Homebrewers Association, she demonstrated her capering skills in a turkey mascot suit. It was hot inside, and smelled of beer.

Leaving the corporate world, Rose opened a small skin-care business, where she alternately slathered soothing goo on women’s faces and ripped hair out of other areas. One of her most valuable tools was a fund of anecdotes that took clients’ minds off the “minor discomfort” of waxing. When she told a client she was selling the business to concentrate on writing, the client replied, “I won’t keep it up when you go. I mostly come to hear you tell stories.”

Bound to Love Her and Stolen Magic are Rose’s romantic-suspense novels about Elves living in Boulder, Colorado. Esri Rose lives in Boulder with her husband and her cat, only one of whom has pointy ears.


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