I’m an Evil Super Race!

Pamela Palmer is author of something called the Esri Series, which features an evil super race called, you guessed it, The Esri. I am so buying these books.

See that line at the bottom? It says, “The Esri.”

I contacted Pamela. She checked out my site and emailed me.

Elves Among Us? Are you serious?? My Esri ARE Elves. Or at least the creatures who are the basis of the legends of fairies and elves. Oh, this is too weird.

To which I replied,

You are shitting me.

Funny. I always thought I’d be immortalized as a drinking game.


2 Responses to “I’m an Evil Super Race!”

  1. Ana Clara Voog Says:

    that is truly bizarre. i love when things like that happen.. a serendipity mystery linking us all in some strange or mundane way to each other. i have to say i do not read romance novels, but yours sound very….different. and i like that. i came upon your site by accident when trying to find out who Marjorie Gilbert,is when researching history about the DIA.

    • Esri Allbritten Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Ana! These books are farther back in my career. If you read mysteries, take a look at my titles at EsriAllbritten.com. There are samples of everything, as well as a $2.99 ebook-only title called Jokers &Fools. Happy Surfing!

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