Bound to Love Her

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4 stars

Compelling. Page-turner.

Rose’s magical debut is charming and delightful. Erin is a proactive heroine determined to save her man, or in this case, her elf! Humor, action, and plenty of romance are great indicators that Rose has a bright and promising future ahead of her.
– Jill M. Smith

Sensuality, mild: May or may not include lovemaking. No explicit sex.

A Book Blogger’s Diary

“…a delightful romance full of realistic characters and heart-tugging romance.”


“This was a fun book. Erin is a sassy, compassionate character who has a great voice…”

A Gaggle of Book Reviews

“Prepare yourself for something new this time, a concept I haven’t seen in print in about 15 years, and an execution that is engaging, endearing, and unique.”

Romance Junkies

Bound to Love Her is a great new twist to paranormal romance.”

A delightful fantasy sure to appeal to anyone who loves wit, mystery and magic!

Kathy Love, Fangs for the Memories, USA Today Bestseller

A sexy, Legolas-type meets his match in Esri Rose’s witty, fast-paced tale.

Colleen Gleason, The Gardella Vampire Chronicles

Laugh-out-loud, girl-powered adventure!

Stephanie Rowe, Date Me, Baby, One More Time (RITA nominee)

A delightful and sensual tale with a unique spin, Bound to Love Her has an endearingly practical New Age heroine who is suddenly thrown into a world where elves struggle to survive as their world is torn apart.

Marta Acosta, Midnight Brunch

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Stolen Magic

RT Book Reviews

Compelling. Page-turner.

Adlia and her crew are fierce, magical and very much human in their emotions and wishes. Each character is unique in his or her attitudes and personalities, simply adding to their quirky crew. This book weaves together the many stories of two races learning to adapt to each other’s way of life, yet trying to still remain as secret as possible. It’s in a league of its own!

Manic Readers, 4.5 stars

Stolen Magic is a magical tale. It’s light-hearted, sweet, and imaginative. Adlia is a wonderful heroine – spunky, inquisitive and tenacious. Mark is her match, providing her the love and the family she so desperately wanted all this time. The story is fast-paced, with twists and turns, and the ending is satisfying. Adlia earns the respect she desires, and the happy ending she deserves. I highly recommend this story to all readers of paranormal romance or urban fantasy.

“Rose revisits the world of 2008’s Bound to Love Her with this clever fantasy romance.”

– Publishers Weekly

“I enjoyed Stolen Magic so much, I devoured it in one night!”

— Kerrelyn Sparks, NYT Bestselling author

“A delightful fantasy sure to appeal to anyone who loves wit, mystery, and magic.”

Kathy Love, bestselling author

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