I’ve been on FaceBook a lot, instead of blogging. Here’s a round-up of news.

1) My cut finger has healed up really well. I had Angel Joe take the stitches out at six days. They were burning like fire. Turns out some people have a reaction to certain types of sutures. Did you know some suture materials include chromium and salt? I know! It’s like finding out Campbell’s Soup has MSG — another comforting thing shot to hell. In my case, the suture areas were so irritated that they are now peeling, which means I will probably avoid the zipper/railroad tracks scar. Woot!

2) Nasal Irrigation is da bomb. Yes, I said it. Squirting an isotonic salt solution up my nose has turned out to be great for my sinus/allergy probs, and might even let me avoid sinus surgery. HOWEVER, I still have problems smelling things more often than not, and am now thinking that if I got the surgery (general anesthetic = scary!) and had a clean slate, nasally speaking, the irrigation might keep me from regrowing polyps, etc.

3) Angel Joe and I have drunk the Dr. Horrible Kool-Aid. Also the Kool-Aid of The IT Crowd and The Big Bang Theory. Geeks rule! (Albeit geekily.) All available on Netflix.

4) As of TODAY, I’m lusting after a new computer. An HP dv3-2155mx. It is one screamin’ fast machine, with a built-in webcam and mic (don’t currently have those). Pus, the scrolling dragon design across the case and silver touch pad makes me drool.


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