Sympathy and Dog Fights

I found and cleaned up what is probably the last blood spatter in the kitchen this morning.

Down to a small bandage today, which means I can’t avoid as many of the wet cleaning jobs with the excuse that I can’t put gloves on. Still dodged some, though…  Lots of lovely sympathy from friends. It occurs to me that there’s nothing to keep someone from lifting injury photos off the internet and claiming them as her own.

AM: got this terrible dog bite, poor me. PM: Ran over foot with neighbor’s backhoe. Ouch!

You should never look up dog-bite images online, by the way, unless you’re doing research or want to feel queasy for some reason. But I did find what sounds like a pretty good way for two people to break up a dog fight without getting hurt (no guarantees).

Each person grabs the back feet of one of the dogs. The dog back feet are then picked up like a wheelbarrow. With the legs up, both dogs are then pulled apart.

Once the dog fight is broken up and the dogs pulled apart it is critical that the people do not release the dogs or the dog fight will begin again. The two people need to start turning in a circle, or slowly swinging the dogs in a circle while they back away from the other dog. This stops the dog from curling and coming back and biting the person holding their legs.

By circling the dog has to sidestep with its front feet or it will fall on its chin. As long as you slowly continue to back and circle, the dog cannot do any damage to you. To insure that the fight will not begin all over again when you release the dogs, one of the dogs needs to be dragged into an enclosure (i.e. a kennel, the garage, another room) before the dog is released. If you do not do this, the dogs will often charge back and start fighting again or if you release the dog to quickly the dog will turn and attack the person who had his feet.

That’s by trainer Ed Frawley. Here’s the webpage, but BE WARNED. It has pictures of nasty dog bites on it, which is why I copied the text.

If you are by yourself when a dog fight breaks out and want to risk it, Ed says you basically loop a leash through its handle so it’s around one dog’s hips, tighten it, drag the dog backwards and fasten the leash to a fence or something, then grab the other dog’s legs and drag it away. Presumably the second dog is yours, since the first one is tied to a fence. That’s the way I’d do it. Owning a cat is so much easier. Bowl of water and you’re pretty much set.


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