I needs your help.

Kids, while my first book (Bound to Love Her) is ranked at around 48,000 on Amazon (respectable), Stolen Magic is at 1,100,000 something (in the crapper). And while Amazon only accounts for a fraction of book sales, that number makes me whimper and cringe. Why am I languishing on Amazon? It could be because there are only two reviews up there and they both suck. If you liked the book, do me a favor and give it a positive review. Doesn’t have to be long, doesn’t have to be witty or fancy. If you’re feeling super helpful, you can CTRL C your review and put it up on Barnes and Noble, too.

I’d really appreciate it.

One Response to “I needs your help.”

  1. LiJuun Says:

    Done and . . . done! 🙂

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