Mouse Update

Musette was staring so fixedly at the space under the fridge that Angel Joe pulled it out from the wall. No mouse, but a whole lotta dust bunnies. Or possibly dust slugs, when they’re that thick and flat. And the floor where it was sitting was icky. So I wiped down the floor, then got the little vacuum to suck up some of the dust from the fridge vents. I’m vacuuming away when (scurry, scurry), I see a little dark form shoot out from under the other side  and run to the edge of the cupboards. The mouse had stayed underneath while Joe pulled the fridge away from the wall. Anyway, there’s a gap above the baseboard that runs around the cupboards, so I guess it hopped back in there. Musette has been sleeping in the kitchen and staring at various places, but so far, no luck. I think those catch-alive traps are about $30, but I guess I’ll check. I just know the damn thing is going to die back there and then we’ll get dead-mouse stank. (shudder) Meanwhile, it’s peeing on the floor. I used to be glad Musette stayed up most of the day and slept through most of the night. I wonder if I can make her take naps during the day, so she’ll be up all night?



One Response to “Mouse Update”

  1. Kieran Says:

    Hey, Esri!

    Cute mouse story! Let’s hope he gets outta there alive!

    Just checking in…Priscilla’s coming through Charleston this weekend, and I was just thinking about all of us crammed in our room at last year’s RWA conference. And of course, your SHOE photos came to mind, too.

    I vow this year I’ll not have to put Band-aids on all my toes!!

    Hope to see you in D.C.


    Kieran :>)

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