The signing went well, I think.

Tonight was the Boulder Book Store signing with Carrie Vaughn (NYT Bestselling author of the Kitty the Werewolf series) and Lynda Hilburn (The Kismet Knight, Vampire Shrink series). In addition to their own novels, they both have stories in a new anthology: The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance.

I decided to try something new and sang my “Who’s Gonna Care for the Elves in Boulder?” folk tune. It’s been forever since I played/sang in front of a real audience, so I downed half a shot of gin right before I made the four-minute drive to the Boulder Book Store. I figured it wouldn’t kick in before I got there, so I’d be safe to drive. Actually, I never felt it kick in, because one ounce of liquor isn’t much, but it might have had a placebo effect. I didn’t suck too bad.

After the song/signing, Max and Yaz (two of Carrie’s fans) bought my books, and Yaz pointed out that  bugle and frugal both rhyme with Google. Angel Joe says we might be able to dismiss bugle because of the dipthong (bee-oo-gul), but frugal is definitely a rhyme. Perhaps I’ll switch to singing, “They love the Internet, cell phones and Google/They don’t buy a bugle ’cause they’re too frugal.” Or not.

Thanks to Angel Joe’s parents, Bonnie and Harvey, for coming, and Debbie and Jim, and Jake and Erin. Hope my gin breath didn’t put you off. And super-special thanks to Carrie Vaughn for letting Lynda and me join her at the book store.

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