Me. Singing.

It’s true, I’ll do anything to get you to upload a pic to ElvesInBoulder so I can give some money to the Colorado Nature Conservancy. In fact, I’ve changed it so you can just email it to me. Just hold some pointy leaves up in front of your ears, take a pic, and that’s worth a buck to the planet. Plus, your cute self will show up on the site.

OMG, it took FOREVER to get through that song without making any mistakes. And yet, I plan on doing this again. That’s right, look forward to The Elven Blues.


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3 Responses to “Me. Singing.”

  1. Laura Says:

    That was hilarious.

  2. LiJuun Says:


    That was awesome!!! My camera still won’t sync with my new computer, so can I photoshop some ears on a picture from a few months ago? If it’s no, that’s OK. You’ve gotta stick with the rules, after all.

    I also really like the background. And I can’t WAIT for the Elven Blues. I love the blues. Seriously, seriously, love the blues.

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