Laundry blues

The pump on our 20-year-old washer is kaput. Called yesterday and they said they had it in stock, but when they came out today, it turned out to be the wrong one. (How hard is it to look at numbers? There must be more to it than that.) So it’ll be three to five days to get the new one in, which means I’ll be doing laundry at Neighbor Brad’s or Neighbor Dominick’s. Or I could go to a laundromat. Not. (Do you still have to use quarters, or do they take credit cards yet?)

Little bit busy right now. Tomorrow Suzan and I shoot video at the Boulder Outlook Hotel. I have to put the finishing touches on the workshop I’m doing on my own for the Romancing the Rockies conference this weekend (along with two panel discusisons). Oh, and I have half an hour to get from Friday night’s conference signing to the church where we’re singing a concert. I also signed up to read Tarot during the con’s psychic hour. (Not that I’m psychic.) So if I stick to that (I might email and see if I can bail), then I’ll need to leave the concert and go back to the hotel to read cards from 9 to 10. Second day of the con on Saturday, and second concert on Sunday. Then it’s finish up video editing and write four more guest blogs. Whee!

But right now it’s time to add some info to theĀ  Smart Bitches ad artwork and get that to them. If you see me at the con, definitely say hi. You could also pat me on the head and say, “It’ll all be okay.” That would be appreciated.


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