Dragonfly boutique video

I’m still working with a brand-new video-editing program to get the best quality. If only it didn’t take a couple hours for one to upload, I’d know a lot quicker what I had. Anyway, here’s me being a little bit of a goober. Which I am, quite honestly.

I never did pronounce Sandra’s name right. She pronounces it Sondra. Shame on me. Anne the customer was a bonus. What you see is what our interaction was. She did really well after being ambushed, didn’t she? Yay, Anne!

Suzan did a great job taking the video. After watching it, I wrote down a bunch of notes for myself, however. Here they are.

1) Less “uh” and “um,” of course.

2) More padding on either side of takes. Smile and stand still before and after recording.

3) Walk more gracefully (I tend to stalk). Stand extra straight.

4) Smile, smile, smile. Sometimes when I’m being earnest, I sound like I’m peeved.

5) Don’t turn away from the camera (mostly for sound purposes).

6) Don’t laugh loudly, especially at my own jokes. Lordy.

We do the vid for the Boulder Outlook Hotel on Wednesday. Let’s see if I can remember all these things. I should give the list to Suzan.

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6 Responses to “Dragonfly boutique video”

  1. Suzan Grenier Says:

    Esri -You’re too critical of yourself. You are good! And fearless. Suzan

  2. LiJuun Says:

    Nah, you did fine! And I LOVE that pink dress on you! I hope you bought it.

    I would go absolutely nuts in that store. I can’t imagine being in and out of there in less than three hours.

    • Esri Rose Says:

      I didn’t. My expenses from this promo campaign aren’t trivial (but it’s so much fun!). Also, our washing machine needs a new pump. So I’m being frugal, if you can call spending money on high-def cameras and bus ads frugal.

  3. Esri Rose Says:

    It’s ill. Or, wait… is “ill” good now?

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