Make me give to the Nature Conservancy.

How would you like to make me donate a buck to the Nature Conservancy? How about five hundred bucks?

Starting May 5, I’ll donate a dollar for each of the first 500 folks to don pointy ears and post their pic on my PhotoBucket site (printable, paper pointy-ear pattern provided). Post a pic, I give a dollar, up to $500 dollars. (I’m checking to see if Angel Joe’s workplace will match any of it.) After the 500 mark, and at the end of the associated prize giveaway, I’ll pick my favorite picture and that person will receive a signed copy of Stolen Magic, along with latex costume ears and the stuff you need to put them on and take them off.

Ear decoration is encouraged. Here’s how to proceed.

(And you know what? If some pictures got up there before May 5, I wouldn’t quibble.)

Happy Earth Day!

Esri Rose


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2 Responses to “Make me give to the Nature Conservancy.”

  1. LiJuun Says:

    This is just the kick-in-the-tush I need to finally work on getting my camera compatible with the new computer. It’s been two months!

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