Giveaway, Musette

The Boulder Dinner Theatre called yesterday and donated two tix to my big giveaway (it promotes  my May 5 romantic-suspense book about Elves in Boulder, Stolen Magic). Lessee…Prize now includes three nights at the Boulder Outlook Hotel, dinner and drinks at The Kitchen, dinner at Old Chicago, $50 at Dragonfly boutique, original art from Laura Hansen, $25 worth of jewelry at Thyme2Dream, hand-crafted soap from the Olde Soap Crone, and now dinner and a show for two. Dude.

I wrote a testimonial for Musette’s CatBib, and they sent me a freebie. The next day, I heard her crashing through the living room. I ran downstairs, clapping and yelling “NO!” When I got there, a bird was lying on its side in the bay window, panting, and Musette was sitting on the edge of the couch right in front of it, looking chastised. I picked the bird up and took it outside, where it flew away. I had trimmed the old CatBib (it’s made of neoprene) to make it shorter. This new one I left long. I might have to get the wider CatBib, for “aggressive” cats. I wouldn’t call Musette aggressive. More of a stone-cold killer. Anyway, she’s down to three kills over the last year, as opposed to the three a week before the CatBib, so I’m sold.

This morning, I woke because I heard an irregular squeaking sound. At first I thought it was Joe making a little noise when he breathed, but as I woke up more I realized what it was. I reached to the space between us and sure enough, there was Musette, curled into a little ball between our shoulders. This was a surprise, because we shut her out of the bedroom for the sake of my allergies and Joe’s sleep issues. I remembered Joe shutting the door when he came to bed, but it must not have latched. I assume she pushed it open. If she’s managed to open doors (lever-style knobs), then it’s all over.

I petted her, but that just made the squeaking more frequent. So I got up and went downstairs, where I shook out some treats. She came running, and I went back to bed. I have no idea what time it was.


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6 Responses to “Giveaway, Musette”

  1. Jill Monroe Says:

    VERY stylish.

  2. Mom Says:

    Isn’t she just the little fashionista in her little Alice Blue Bib?
    Amazing that she can climb a tree in that getup. How can she see where to place her little pitty paws?

  3. Tez Miller Says:

    Aw, she looks so at one with nature up the tree 🙂 Though in the third photo, she totally looks like she’s considering how far she’d have to leap to make it to the house…

    “If she’s managed to open doors (lever-style knobs), then it’s all over.”

    No – when she manages to hack into your bank account, then it’s all over 😉 (She’ll do it, too; just look at her…)

  4. LiJuun Says:

    She looks so totally regal in that last shot. How very kind of her to allow you and Joe to share her home and sleep in her bed. 😉

  5. Esri Rose Says:

    It’s all true. All of it.

  6. faith Says:

    awh what a story thanks for sharing

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