Musette, skiing, giveaway

Yesterday I heard Musette crashing around the living room. I ran in to see that, despite her Cat Bib, she had brought a bird in and had cornered it in the bay window, knocking over a plant in the process. The living room carpet had a light covering of feathers. I rushed over and held Musette by her collar while I caught the bird. Musette didn’t struggle. She knows she’s not supposed to catch birds, so even though she can’t help herself, she will often stop chasing just because I yell at her. It’s doesn’t help the bird calm down any when I yell, though, so I try to avoid it.

The bird’s little sides heaved against my hand as I took it outside, but when I let go, it had enough oomph to fly into the neighbor’s tree. I went back inside, only to realize Musette was out there. It took only a moment to open the door, but she was already halfway up the tree, where the exhausted bird still sat. “Musette!” I yelled.

She jumped down and came running over, squalling as she ran. (“But, Mom……!”) I’m amazed she came. She’s a killer, but docile in her way. Anyway, I shut her inside for the rest of the day. She spent the next half hour clawing at the door and meowing. I went over and petted her, which meant she squalled, clawed and purred, simultaneously. Eventually the bird recovered its strength enough to fly away. It didn’t have a lot of tail left, poor thing.

We took advantage of last week’s monster snow to go skiing. Hadn’t been in probably ten years, and I’m a spud to boot. Fell about three times (once because my rental boot disengaged from the ski). I was so tired, it was a chore just to get down the hill, and I kind of blew my knees out. But it was good exercise and I do love the snow. I had an old pair of lined nylon pants that I wore, but Joe wore his old, tight-fitting ski pants. When he took them off, the foam had broken down enough to leave streaks of black powder on his long johns. So we went out the next day to see if we could find him a new pair for cheap. Didn’t, but did find me a whole set at a deep discount. I wasn’t set on having them. “I’m willing to try more skiing,” I said bravely. “Do you want me to be a ski bunny?” Apparently he did, because we left with the matching pants and coat. I can always use them snowshoeing if regular skiing turns out to be beyond me.

I’m working like crazy on the big giveaway, to start May 5. Having a lot of tetchy setbacks, like trying to get a battery for the camcorder we got at dying Circuit City. Samsung has quite the proprietary technology, let me tell you. Put in an aftermarket battery and the screen says, “Check the authenticity of your battery” before shutting itself off. I’d think twice about getting a Samsung product again, for that reason. Tried to get a battery through them, and it was on back order for up to a month. I don’t have the time before I need to shoot promotional vids for the giveaway. Likewise I have a keyboard that is a little freaky. And my editor at Kensington has left to become an agent (this is very common), and my new assigned editor is on vacation until April 13th, which means it’s difficult to get things like cover-art files for advertising purposes. Artwork for the bus ads isn’t due until April 25, so I’m doing my best not to freak out. Let’s just hope she’s quick to respond when she gets back.


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