Contest, shirt, appearances…

I’m gearing up to promote Stolen Magic, which is out in about 10 weeks. Woot! That’ll mean a contest, guest blog appearances, conference workshops, and a signing.

Next to work on is the contest. I wanted to include an elven tarot deck, but the two that are out there (Tarot of the Elves and an LOTR Tarot) both got middling reviews, so maybe I won’t. It’ll have to be jewelry, totebags, clothings, a book, and book swag instead, plus anything else I can think of.

You’ll see ads on Smart Bitches during May, June and July, and I’m thinking of doing bus ads for the Boulder scene. It’s relatively affordable. Oh, and I’m waiting to see if my first book, Bound to Love Her, finals in the RWA RITA for best first book or best paranormal.

BTW, if you didn’t readf the first book, Kensington has Bound to Love Her at a special price. Don’t know what their shipping is, but if you buy direct from the source, you can save a buck twenty.


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One Response to “Contest, shirt, appearances…”

  1. LiJuun Says:

    WOO-HOO! Here we go! 🙂

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