You know it’s windy when schools close.

Residents evacuate animals in front of a fast moving grass fire Wednesday. Photo by Paul Aiken

Residents evacuate animals in front of a fast moving grass fire Wednesday. Photo by Paul Aiken

Boulder is having one of its Chinook winds, with 70-80 mile gusts. Our concrete-topped table blew off the porch and across the yard.  Part of the fence at my allergist’s office blew down while I was there. Three emergency vehicles passed me while I was out running errands. Here’s a minute-by-minute update of the bad things that have happened. (Article runs from most recent to earlier in time.)

In other news, Neighbor Dominick found a gnawed deer leg a block away. He attributes it to the mountain lion spotted about a quarter of a mile away, last week. I said, “A dog probably brought it down from the trails while on a walk.” He says he likes his version better. Needless to say I make sure that Musette is in and her pet door closed by dusk, but with the large assortment of delectable dogs on all sides of us, I’m not too worried.

In other, other news, we watched The Love God? with Don Knotts the other night (an Uncle Dennis pick), and laughed through the whole thing. Plus, the p0rn0 mag covers in it were hilarious (no, they did not feature Knotts). I offer you this wonderful trailer of the movie, which loosely parodies the genesis of Playboy Magazine.

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2 Responses to “You know it’s windy when schools close.”

  1. Laura Says:

    Perhaps the fires will smoke out the mountain lion, and move him away from your neighborhood.

    Is it terribly smoky there, or is the wind keeping it away from you? We’ve got our share here, but not so bad since they put out the fire on Niwot/Neva.

  2. LiJuun Says:

    Yeah, we had a nasty Chinook here last night, too. Blew down my cable line! Strangely enough, it’s still connected, just laying across the back yard.

    I’m going to have to put that movie on my Netflix! Look like a lot of fun.

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