Working on Workshops

Whuff. Today I put together two proposed workshops for Colorado Romance Writers May 2009 conference, Romancing the Rockies. Lynda Hilburn has also included me in a paranormal-romance workshop, so I could be a busy chick. But Stolen Magic comes out in May, and it’s set in Colorado, so I want to be all over that conference.

One workshop is called,

What Sells in a Recession? Madama Rose Prognosticates

and is basically me in a gypsy outfit, riffing on the marketing research I’ve been doing lately, to determine what I should be writing.

The other is

High Concept: Built-in Marketing for Your Books

and features a great diagram (made with that whiz-bang program, Inspiration). It’s kind of a formula for working out a high-concept series idea that is marketable from every angle you can think of, both to publishers and readers. I’m kind of excited about it. The only bad part is that I have to rehab the website of the concept I’m working on, because the diagram showed a rather large flaw. But that’s a good thing, since that series isn’t bought yet.

I’ll put everything on the website, but it won’t be until after the conference. You understand.


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