It’s damn cold!

-20 C, -4 F. That’s cold no matter how you slice it. Musette came in and clicked across the floor, because of the clumps of ice in the fur between her toes. She finally gave up on the outside and went upstairs to nap, which she almost never does. She prefers to sleep all night and stay up all day, like a human. After she’d been out for a couple of hours, she woke up and staggered downstairs to where I sat on the couch with my lap desk, writing holiday cards. She stared at me groggily for a moment, then jumped up and threw herself on top of the card, pen, PDA, everything. After I slid everything out from under her, she rolled on her back and demanded that I rub her belly.

We gave our second holiday concert today, and it went really well. In addition to us (the Boulder Chorale), the Apollo Chamber Brass performed. They opened the concert with Exaltation. Incredible piece. This recording is very fine, but it doesn’t capture the dynamic range or the searing quality of the live performance.

We had to park about three blocks away from the venue, I didn’t wear my full-length coat, and there was a slight breeze. By the time I pinched up my full-length, nylon chorus skirt to climb the stairs and go inside, I couldn’t tell where the skirt ended and my legs began — the skin on my legs was completely numb. Masterpiece Chris (A new person, with a new nickname!) actually walked to the concert from his house, which must be ten blocks. We didn’t see him afterward. I think he ran home to hide the fact that his nose froze and fell off.

Lunch with Red Leather Heather tomorrow. Yay!


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