Remodels Computing

No! Not a whole new genre of art to suck me in!

But, yes, thanks to following a link provided by Colleen of The Swivet, a blog so interesting and entertaining, I will spend more time than I should catching up with it and calling it “industry research.” Even the Monty Python and Legos bits. Did I mention that Colleen is a literary agent? There you go. Catnip.

I’ll let you find The Private Life of Toys on her blog, but check out, where computing devices have been stripped to their bare essentials and revisioned as Medieval reliquaries and jeweled accoutrements suitable for the study of Phineas Fogg. Here’s just a sample.

Yes, this is a working laptop. The key starts it.

Warning: Much of this stuff is for sale. Also, you can commision him to translate your devices into machines you saw in a dream.


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5 Responses to “ Remodels Computing”

  1. Anadæ Says:

    Yeehaw! (*waves hat animatedly above head*) This is the stuff that the Steampunk aficianado in our friends’ Yuletide list would stare agape at upon unwrapping from under the Tannenbaum. Excellent news, Esri. I wonder how costly, though? Lookin’ forward muchly to “Stolen” …boy, howdy!

    Your friend in bear overrun Ol’ Virginnie,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro Von Thüringen

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    As I recall, there was a testimonial on the site that said something like, “really expensive but worth it.” He lists stuff on ebay, but I don’t think there’s anything there at the moment. I am curious as to price. I haven’t even looked through all the stuff he’s made. It hurts me not to own it.

  3. Jane George Says:

    I love Steampunk stuff. There was a convention here in San Jose over the Halloween weekend but I didn’t go. My dh & I bought a fine art Steampunk bird for our X-mas present to ourselves. It’s an antique painted wooden parrot sitting on a wooden ball and outfitted with found object accoutrements including a “monocle.” The piece is wonderful. I also incorporated many Steampunk elements into the winter quarters used by the Circus in my latest book. The bird was $350. Ouch, but we had to have it.

  4. LiJuun Says:

    Well, now that I’ve drooled all over my keyboard, I think I need to buy a new one! And a whole new everything, so it looks like something very, very old.

    I loves me some Steampunk.

  5. Amy Says:

    I recently saw someone’s tutorial for making a Steampunk keyboard for a desktop computer. Very, very cool.

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