New Meme

Kate Rothwell and I were tweeting, like you do, and I mentioned that I had seen something on her blog that looked like a meme. In one post, she said:

The spotlight is shining on the moon; the wolves are baying; the phone just rang.

And on a previous post on her blog, Doug said:

We’re fireflies, the moon is new, our paths are Brownian.

She swore it was just an accident, but suggested that I make it into a meme. So here is my attempt:

The moon is silent, we are howling monkeys, our path disappears into the trees.

So, it’s 1) something about the moon, 2) an animal metaphor about the human condition, and 3) something about our path.

Anyone want to try?

P.S. If you click on the picture at the upper right of Kate Rothwell’s blog, you’ll see she’s giving away a free online novel, The Ratcatcher.

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