Elves and the Google Game

Remember that Google game where you put in your name followed by enjoys, loves, hates, won’t, will…? Sharing a name with the Environmental Research System Institute, I get a lot of high-falutin’ answers.

ESRI enjoys a rather privileged position in Scotland. (Cool!)

ESRI enjoys a national and international reputation in the field of European Studies. (Wow. Really?)

ESRI will launch a new global basemap service. (I’d better get started on this.)

ESRI won’t give us a significant price break. (Sorry, kids.)

ESRI enjoys a growing user base in many transit agencies. (That is a lie.)

ESRI won’t have a final release. (Oh, dear.)

ESRI won’t be upfront about it, as usual. (Hey…!)

Anyway, I decided to try it with elves, figuring I might learn something I could use in a book.

Elves enjoy my special concert.

Elves enjoy the ability to move unhindered through seaweed.

Elves love MySpace graphics.

Elves love beer.

Elves Love the Gay Rainbow.

Elves hate all other elves because they remind them of their shame that was 6th edition.

Elves hate change.

Elves hate to stand still. (This seems to contradict the previous.)

Elves Will NOT Produce Runway On Lifetime.

Elves will Digg for $.

Elves won’t get a wheeled vehicle.

Elves Won’t Seem So Cute in HELL. (This from a blogger who objects to the Harry Potter books on religious grounds and also believes Oprah is the antichrist. Srsly. You can look it up.)

So there you have it. What you have, I’m not sure, but remember — you had it here first.


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