Elf Fashion Doll, and MWSnap

Dress me up!

Dress me up!

Searching for Elf Fashion led me to this site by Doll Divine, where you can dress a virtual Elf, Pirate, Fairy, Warrior or Mermaid. (It only does females.) Here’s their Ideas section for the Elf.

Design a girlfriend for Legolas from Lord of the Rings, make the perfect elf doll for each background, or design your own sexy elf Halloween costume.

If you’ve read my book, Bound to Love Her, you’ll know that the first thing I had to do was to see if I could come up with Kutara, the benign yet despotic leader of the Boulder elves. Now, Kutara favors sweater sets and A-line skirts, the better to blend in with humans, but here’s what she might look like if you could get her to stop working and go out for a night on the town.

You said this was a Pub Crawl. Why are they not crawling?

"You said this was a 'Pub Crawl.' Why are they not crawling?"

Moving on to book two, Stolen Magic (May 2009)… Let’s give our Elven heroine, Adlia, the happy ending she deserves. (Her hair is shorter than this. Maybe she got extensions for the Big Day.)

Mark, honey, you failed to mention that Id have to glamour 150 people to think Im eating cake.

"Mark, honey, you realize I have to glamour 150 people to think I'm eating cake."

And here’s what I’d want to look like if I were an elf.

I actually have a pair of purple boots. They don’t look like those but, hey, it’s a start.

Elf Maker uses Flash, but Angel Joe told me about this awesome freeware called MWSnap that lets you make screen captures. It was but the work of a moment to download and use it. Will have to go back and make a donation.

P.S. Do NOT miss the Warrior doll on Doll Divine. Here’s mine.

When I showed it to Angel Joe, he immediately launched into Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song.


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