Thanksgiving blowout

Since Angel Joe’s family all have their own nuclear Thanksgivings and my folks live out of state, we have been fortunate to be invited to Red Leather Heather’s Mom’s (Thanksgiving Sheila) for the past several years, and oh, do we have fun.

Step 1: Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which Sheila has thoughtfully prerecorded. Say, “I have no idea who that is,” repeatedly as we watch country-western singers and Disney proto-stars. Give love to the Rockettes. Diss all boy bands.

Step 2: Eat ourselves sick. The menu is always the same: TURKEY! Two kinds of stuffing, candied yams, cranberry sauce (Angel Joe made it with honey this year – yum), mashed taters with gravy, green-bean casserole with those crunchy onions on top, and this killer green Jello™ salad that has pineapple, celery, and cottage cheese in it and is topped with a mayo/cream cheese/sugar pile o’ goo, and which Heather refuses to eat, because she has texture issues. Boo hoo. Sheila and I shovel it in.

Step 3: Sit around and groan

Step 4: Usually this involves watching a Christmas movie, but this year we played games instead. At Heather’s request, Angel Joe and I brough Munchkin, which so far has a 100% success rate at frustrating parents.

Them: “This is so complicated, I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Us: “Isn’t it great? Don’t try to understand it, just laugh at the cards. It’ll soak in.”

Either they don’t believe us, or parents don’t do Zen. Anyway, we didn’t play a second game of that but switched over to a language game which we played for like, four hours, the name of which I can’t for the life of me remember. It was a ton of fun. Best joke of the evening belongs to Angel Joe. When told that the category was, “Careers that begin with ‘P’,” he said, “Urologist.” This led to urologist being used as an answer many times.

Category: Things that rhyme with vote.
Hint: You might find this under a woman’s skirt.
Shouted answer: Urologist!
Real answer: petticoat

Step 5: The eating of dessert, the almighty Crack in a Pan (also known as Pumpkin Dump Cake) served with vanilla ice-cream.

Step 6: Play more games, then suddenly realize it’s late and reluctantly go home. (Extra-special thanks to Sheila for loading me down with free books!)

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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4 Responses to “Thanksgiving blowout”

  1. LiJuun Says:

    Heather, I’m right there with ya. That green crap is suspicious. More for you, Es!

    Thanksgiving is my holiday, yo. I love, love, love it. If I had a bigger house, I’d host it here, but we always have a ton of people, so I do all the cooking at my parents’ house. And then we always follow up with hours of pinochle, drinking, and arguing about politics. At the same time, of course. We love pinochle and we repeat this tradition for Christmas, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, every birthday, and any other excuse we can come up with. It’s how we roll.

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    Pinochle, politics and booze — that’s so very East Coast. I thought you lived near L.A.! 😀

  3. LiJuun Says:

    Near LA? No, dear. Spokane! Eastern Washington ROCKS.

  4. Red Leather Heather Says:

    Yes, for the first 24 years of my life I thought I disliked cottage cheese, because the only way I’d ever had it was in the disgusiting green sludge. I’ve never understood why people go out of their way to mess with something like jello. It shouldn’t crunch, and it shouldn’t have curds. The topping is good though.

    The name of the second game is “Mad Chatter”.

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