How do you say “elf” in Spanish?

While chatting with Irma (she cleans our house twice a month and gives me the opportunity to practice my Spanish), I was trying to explain what my books are about. Looked up “elf” on Babelfish and came up with duende. She looked rather surprised at that, so I checked my paper dictionary and duende means goblin. Elf didn’t appear anywhere. Finally I Googled lord of the rings spanish title, which is El Señor de los Anillos. Went to the Spanish version of Wikipedia and plugged that in. Clicked on personajes principales. Found Legolas. Are you ready? Legolas is an elfo.

Irma and I had a good laugh over that, lemme tell you. Elfo. OMG.


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One Response to “How do you say “elf” in Spanish?”

  1. rovingnome Says:

    Trasgo is the word you’re looking for. Elfo….smh, lol

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