New, secret project. Book signings galore!

My agent said I have enough time that I can not only work on the 3rd book in the elf series, but also start a new project, which is a secret. For some reason, having two projects makes me a little less obsessive about either, and my writing is flowing more freely — for now. It’s been, what? Two days, and I’m at page 50 on one, page 5 on the other. So there’s not TOO much plot angst yet, although the 50-page elf one is starting to require things — smart, logical things, which I love to do, but which are work. Working title on elfy Book 3 is Captive Magic.

Both books feature Chihuahuas, for no particular reason other than I like them. Chihuahua owners, I am aimin’ to be your one-stop fiction shop.

In other news, one book signing has led to another. My joint signing with Lynda Hilburn and Carrie Vaughn is next Wed., and both authors punted on providing a mailing list, so I dug out my skin-care client list and picked a crop of names that made me say, “Aw, I remember her!” Apparently at least one of them remembered me, because Miki, the gal who bought my skin-care biz (8 years ago), gave me a shout and offered to let me sell/sign books at her pre-Christmas open house. Is that nice or what? So that’s Dec. 7, and I’m looking forward to it. Must come up with some good swag. Speaking of which, I’m waiting for my CafePress order of magnets and buttons to show up in my mailbox, so I’ll have treats for the Boulder Bookstore signing.

2.25 magnet

2.25" magnet

1 button (extra black margin is for bleed, and wont be there.)
1″ button (extra black margin is for bleed, and won’t be there.)

I didn’t get many buttons. Really, they’re just for me, and maybe some friends who could be counted on to wear them. But I figure most women love a good fridge magnet, especially a purty one.


3 Responses to “New, secret project. Book signings galore!”

  1. Tez Miller Says:

    Two days, and Iā€™m at page 50 on one, page 5 on the other.

    You wrote 55 pages in two days?!

    Bad Esri! Would Musette take kindly to a yappy dog who’d take away your precious attention to dear Musette? šŸ˜‰

    Have a lovely day! šŸ™‚

  2. Esri Says:

    It does sound like I said that, doesn’t it? No, the two projects have just *overlapped* for two days. I think the most I’ve written in two days is around 40 pages, and that was under a pretty tight deadline. I can’t do that for long stretches at a time. Leaves you limp. And it’s much easier when you’re at the end of a book and can see exactly what you you need to write to get to the end.

  3. Boulder book signing today! « Elves Among Us Says:

    […] the Boulder Bookstore. I’m hoping my CafePress order gets here today, so I’ll have cool magnets and buttons to give away. They should have arrived two days ago, and the tracking info says it was processed […]

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