Temporary Gloating

Angel Joe and I were watching the Sex & the City movie yesterday evening (verdict: not enough laughs) when I vaguely noticed Musette sauntering in. I shut the cat door and went back to watching the movie. Later, I saw that her Cat Bib was missing.

“Did you take it off?” I asked Joe.


She didn’t have her collar on either. Well, it wasn’t too surprising. I had adjusted the breakaway flea collar to the last click when I tried the Bib out, just in case it caused problems. Then I’d never tightened it up. Musette used to be a pro at losing collars. I thought she’d gotten out of the habit, but nooooo. She ran around the living room, laughing cat laughs.

This morning I walked down our alley until I found the Bib under the nose of a parked car. No sign of the collar, but the Bib probably blew there from somewhere else. Came back inside and attached it to one of her Beastie Band collars, which are very safe but very hard for a cat to purposefully get off.

While I was looking for it in the front area, I scared some bird that was hopping around in the undergrowth. It flew up and floundered against one of the dark porch windows before getting a clue and flying off. You know, if I’m going to go out of my way to try to save them, they could at least try to look a little smarter. I could have caught that one.

Ooh! I just heard a jingle and a pounce, and saw something flit past my window. That’s more like it.


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