Big Day

Angel Joe and I left at 8:30 this morning for a chorus retreat (we give up part of our weekend and feel like retreating from the whole thing). Left early and grabbed lunch at Arby’s. I haven’t eaten at Arby’s for a couple of decades. They don’t have any salads with beef on them. What’s with that? My allergens included the corn syrup in the dressing, the cheese. and the toasted almonds that luckily came in a separate packet. This left me with five cubes of chicken, some iceberg lettuce, apples, cranberries, and two cherry tomatoes. I hadn’t eaten a cherry tomato in a while, and I forgot about the whole exploding-in-your-mouth thing. I don’t think anyone saw red juice spurt out of my face. It kinda freaked me out, if you want to know the truth.

Drove to the Park N Ride, met Red Leather Heather. Drove to her mom’s (Thanksgiving Sheila). Carpooled to Denver where we saw Avenue Q and LAUGHED OUR BUTTS OFF. OMG, so good and so funny. Three Tonys, you know — best musical, book, and score.

Left Red Leather Heather in Denver. (Say that three times fast.) She’d been given a ticket to Death of a Salesman (so not the order to see these two plays in). Drove Thanksgiving Sheila back to the ‘burbs and had din-din at a Hops.

Now we’re back home. Musette seems to be quite used to her Bib, although she does run up stairs with a funny splay-legged movement of the front paws. It’s cute. I wonder if she’ll get all muscular through the shoulders or anything. I’m hoping she won’t have to wear it when there’s snow. We keep a heater in the birdbath, and I’d be afraid she’d get a drink out of that (which wets the Bib), then jump down and freeze to the ground. On the plus side — the Bib caught a bunch of burdock burrs, keeping them off Musette. Yay!

Oh, and I got a nice fan email today. I love those! Thank you, Lynda!


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