Cat Bib

Hmmm… Musette’s Cat Bib (to stop her from killing birds) came yesterday. First of all, she is the sweetest, smartest cat in the world. She was all, “If you want me to wear this, there must be a good reason.” Then she proceeded to test out all her various activities to see how it affected it. The answer? Very negatively. It kept getting underfoot, in the way when digging a hole, and in the bird bath, which she likes to drink from. When she jumped down from something, the first down movement was usually okay, but on the second, she usually stepped on it and tripped. At one point, she tried a low run, and I think she actually stubbed her nose on the pavement. A heartbreaking meow followed. It took all my strength to tell myself, “There’s got to be a learning curve on this thing. She’ll get better.”

Today she was definitely crabby about being made to wear it. “This? Again?” I think she thought it was a one-time shot. I cut about 3/4″ off the bottom, because she is really short. She climbed the cherry tree successfully and jumped to the porch roof from it, but balked at jumping to the window sill, which was very smart. But she also didn’t trust that she could go down the cherry tree. Much rooftop meowing ensued, with me leaning out the window talking to her. Finally I got her to climb in a clothes basket and brought her in.

She’s outside now, and has been for a while. One of the worst parts, for me, is that we no longer have our little routine where I go outside and she rolls on her back while I tickle her tummy. The first time she tried that, the bib fell over her face and she had a WTF moment. I’m hoping we’ll find a way around it.

Sigh. The things I do for Nature.


Musette is having a much easier time of it today — doesn’t seem to notice it much. She’s staking out the bird bath right now, so I guess we’ll see if it works. (Why do we have a birdbath, you ask? Because my previous cat died at age 18 and was no threat.) Also, when I went outside a little bit ago, she rolled right over, managing to skew the bib to one side, and we had our tummy-tickling time with no problem. “Tummy tickling”… Oh, God, the search hits that’s going to bring to my site. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.


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2 Responses to “Cat Bib”

  1. LiJuun Says:


    You’re strong, though! I’d have let Mosca out of that thing within three seconds flat. I feel bad for the birds and all, but she’s my BABY. Especially at the nose-stubbing moment. I’d have totally caved.

    But it looks like you were right!

  2. Halloween costumes for your kids. « Elves Among Us Says:

    […] which is why I thought it better not to have children. Instead, I have a cat. And I make her wear a bib. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)recommended baby halloween […]

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