So I finally sold my conga drums that have been sitting unused for about three years. They were really nice, and Angel Joe gave them to me for my birthday right around the time I was losing interest in driving to Louisville for my drum lessons. I could have had lessons in Boulder, but they’re pricier. And without lessons, it’s kind of hard to find people to play with. It’s depressing to sit at home and pat drums by yourself.

Pat, pat, pat. Boom. Smack. Sigh.

So periodically I would put an ad on Craigslist, only to have some poverty-stricken student offer me far less than they were worth. The guy who bought them still got a good deal, believe me, but neither of us got hurt on the price.

So now I’m thinking about a new, different set of drums, because Neighbor Brad plays jazz piano.

GP Cocktail Drum Kit

GP Cocktail Drum Kit

I first saw a cocktail drum kit while watching Murph play one in the Irish band The Indulgers, at Conor O’Neill’s. Of course, he has a bit more stuff on his set than three drums, two cymbals and a cowbell, but hey, it’s a start. And these days, you can get your drum lessons on YouTube.

My dream is to have a tiny personal club in our basement, where Angel Joe and Uncle Dennis can play pool while Neighbor Brad and I noodle around. Maybe we can find a bass player, or (ooh!) a clarinetist.


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