Hide the mirrors.

If you’re a chick, you know that there are times in your life when you don’t look your best. This is one of those times.

1) We still don’t have hot water, which means I can’t color my hair, which means I have a rather severe stripe down the middle of my head.

2) I was taking a crapload of zinc for a possible sinus infection, but it didn’t seem to do anything, so I suddenly stopped. As a result, I have several gruesome zits. I could explain the chemistry/biology, but you’d fall asleep. (And because the zinc didn’t work, I’m still a mouth breather who sounds like someone trying to clear a clogged drain when I blow my nose.)

3) I’ve got some minor skin cancer. Normally it would be invisible, but the Aldera I’m using to get rid of it has made a lovely scab on the side of my nose…

4) …which means I had to dig out my old glasses without the nose pads…

5) …which means I squint.

Don’t look at me! I’m…horrible.



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