Bet you never saw THIS on a romance cover!

Not only does Lisa Paitz Spindler wear fabulous shoes, she also has fab Photoshopping skills, witness this HILARIOUS alteration of a vintage romance-novel cover (first snarked on Smart Bitches), which already featured “the puffy shirt.”

Trivia: This book first came out in 1986, but was reissued in hardcover by another publisher in 1991. Bless Theresa Conway’s heart… It must be a really good story, but you would never know it by the cover.

I just read the blurb on Amazon, and it sounds GREAT. I’m buying a copy.

(Update: It wasn’t great, but mostly because the style was dated. Think saga.)


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One Response to “Bet you never saw THIS on a romance cover!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for linking to me Esri… that summary of Conway’s book does sound great. The heroine is a pickpocket in Paris! That’s the makings of Danger Gal if I ever saw one.

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