Sucked in by Facebook

I made a Facebook page ages ago and then forgot about it. For some reason, last week saw all kinds of people adding me as a friend, so I learned more about Facebook. And now I’m hooked, mostly by the little pictorial gizmos you can send back and forth. Thrown polar bears! Happy Birthday snow globes! Eggs that hatch over several days and reveal (gasp!) kittens that look just like Musette!

That big sucking sound you hear is my time, entering the vortex that is Facebook. I’ll get over it.


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One Response to “Sucked in by Facebook”

  1. Tez Miller Says:

    Excellent – I’ve sent a Friend Request.

    By the way, there’s an application called Catbook. Just in case Musette wants to be more popular than you 😉

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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