It’s wet!

The workmen were in the middle of installing our whole-house swamp cooler when the weather decided to switch from 90-degree days to 50-degree days — and rain.

Rain, rain, rain.

I love rain, but I shudder to think what it’s doing to the fresh cut in the roofline (sealed-ish, but not reframed), the unprotected hunk of soft ductwork hanging from the roof, and the swamp cooler itself, the lid of which is not affixed, although I did slide the cover so it covers the gaping hole into the cooler’s guts. Lordy.

Musette is doing a relatively good job of entertaining herself. She still goes out when desperate boredom sets in, then comes in poofy-damp and purrs while I wipe her down with a paper towel.

Angel Joe is in the garage working on the car project. I’m sure he’s cold, but at least he’s dry.

I’m drinking a double cup’s worth of genmaicha. I do not want a repeat of yesterday’s caffeine-withdrawal headache.

As for Book 3, I got a little work done yesterday — mostly questions regarding plot and characters. There’s going to be a lot of elf-existence rules set down in this book, which is scary. You don’t want to mess up a great future-book idea by deciding, “Yes, elf children mature at the same rate as human children, and they can’t travel through the earth until they hit age 15.”

Hmm. That random thought just helped me with a plot point.
Better get back to it.


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