Houston, we have a communication problem

Jacob and David are here to install the whole-house swamp cooler. Or to commence to begin to proceed to install it. This involves poking at least one large hole in the house, for the ductwork. They met with Angel Joe on the landing upstairs, in the general vicinity of hole poking, and had this discussion.

Jacob: So, you know there’s going to be raw wood exposed when we cut the hole.

Angel Joe: Yeah. There will need to be flashing put on.

David: So… (stare)

Angel Joe: (stare)

Jacob: So there’s going to be…what, around the ductwork?

Angel Joe: A sort of chimney thing. I’ll build that. But then there’s the flashing.

David: Around the hole. And that’s going to be… (stare)

Angel Joe: (stare)

Apparently details like this are not written down, and it’s a question of who blinks first as to who gets stuck installing the flashing. (Angel Joe confirmed this, mostly with an eye roll.)

I’m fascinated.


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