Ask an Elven Leader

Dear Kutara:

I’ve been out of the workforce for some time, but now I need to get back in and make some money. I’m having two problems. First is that I’m not exactly sure what I want to do, and second is that I sense employers don’t take me seriously because I haven’t worked for a while. What advice do you have?

Baffled in Boulder


Baffled in Boulder:

You have only one problem — you don’t want any of the jobs for which you are applying. People will take you seriously when they sense your passion for the work, whether it is killing your enemy or creating an empire to serve your will. To be passionate, you must know yourself. Do you enjoy killing or empire-building? Not everyone does.

Also, most people are only aware of a handful of careers. Selling, computing, teaching, writing… What if you are best-suited for ice-sculpting or espionage (or both)? It can be work just to find your ideal work. While you gain knowledge of yourself and lesser-known careers, it’s true — you may have to work simply for money. Working for money does not inspire passion in the middle classes, and prospective employers know this. To convince them to hire you, you must learn to lie passionately. There are worse things — starving, for example.


Kutara, Boulder Ka’Chil


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