The last of the shoes!

I’ve shown you a lot of shoes over the last week (54 total!). There are shoes that don’t sacrifice comfort for style…

These belong to historical writer Deeanne Gist. If the heroine of Deep in the Heart of Trouble wore these, “she’d be ahead of her time.”

Wonderful red shoes…

These belong to Catherine Asaro, author of fantasy romance The Night Bird, and they say, “that she forgot to bring her shoes to a conference and had to buy new ones.”

Sweetly flirty shoes…

Kim Ivora (no web site) belongs to the OCC chapter, and writes urban fantasy. Her heroine drew a blank on what these shoes would say. My guess is that she’s on the prowl, but in an adorable way.

Shoes worthy of a princess…

Gennita Low, author of Virtually His, says of this particular princess: “She’s kick-ass!” I agree.

And shoes with a touch of predator.

Melanie Jackson, author of A Curious Affair, says these shoes would show that her heroine, “loves cats.”

There have been shoes that took our breath away.

Denise Rossetti gathered a crowd with these patent-and-velvet stunners. They represent her upcoming release rather well (The Flame and the Shadow), but Denise says that if her heroine wore these, it would show “that she’s lost her mind.”

But was there one shoe that summed up the entirety of the RWA national conference, with all its camaraderie, chaos, and hope? Of course there was. They belonged to Christine Wells, author of The Dangerous Duke.

Why are these shoes special? It’s because they have a secret (and you know we love secrets).

What Christine said about her heroine could apply to all of us.
“She’s in love with love.”

Happy writing, and I’ll see you (and your shoes) next year!

Esri Rose

Want to vote on your favorite shoe? Click here.


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