And we’ll definitely get there before you.

There are times for high heels, and there are times for low heels, or even flats.

These are decorated with sequins in various colors, and in real life, they sparkle like a glitter-dusted garden. Kelle Z Riley says that if the heroine of Dangerous Affairs wore these, she would feel “confident and magical!”

Again, we’re not seeing the full story ’cause of the stupid flash. These shoes caught the light like crazy and sent back copper reflections from the bugle beads. Robin Kaye says that her heroine in Romeo, Romeo (Nov. release), “would do anything for shoes, and would be lucky to find these.”

What a great look, and very authentic, because Janet Periat has owned these boots since the 1980s. There’s actually a third buckle under the pants leg, but I didn’t want to spoil the total look by having her hike it up. Janet says that if the heroine of Tastes Like Chicken wore these, that would show, “She’s ready to kick ass.” I love that book title, since it features alien blobs that eat humans. She’s looking for a buyer.

Cynthia Cooke, author of Rising Darkness, was on her way home in this photo. She says these shoes would say her heroine, “is footloose and fancy free.”

Another pair from Karen White. She says that if her heroine in The Memory of Water wore these, “she borrowed them from her sister.”

These look similar, but they’re suede instead of patent, slingback instead of pump, and look at the detail at the front.

They belong to Tracie Hall, author of paranormal historical Love’s Magic. Tracie says they’d show her heroine is “mostly practical, with a little bit of fun.”

Still a low heel, and really pretty. Lorelle Marinello is another Wet Noodle Posse member, and her shoes were quite silver in real life. Lorelle says if the heroine of Waltzing with Alligators wore these, she’d be saying, “Look out, Cinderella!”

These were actually worn by a conference-goer’s mom (Judy Brayton). Daughter Patricia Brayton-Winter (no web site) finaled in the GH with her manuscript, Summer Stormj. If Patricia’s heroine wore these it would mean, “she wants to play after a long day of healing animals.”


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