You take the high road…

The height of a woman’s shoe heel is a good indicator of how often she wears heels. Considering the amount of walking we did at conference, and the necessity of taking escalators, I’d say these gals must live in heels.

Eve Silver feels comfy enough in these beauties to tip up a toe for the photograph. I don’t think she even held on to anything. Since she writes historicals, she says that if the heroine of His Wicked Sins wore these, that would mean, “she was a time traveller.” BTW, this was taken at my publisher’s party (Kensington), and I’m pretty sure Eve felt sorry for me because I went up to my senior editor and said, “I won’t shake your hand, ’cause I’ve been dabbing at my nose and my sinuses are really gross.” (I blame the drugs.) Eve gave me a subtle conversational hint to shut up already, for which I’m eternally grateful.

These would kill me, but aren’t they gorgeous? That silver embroidery really caught the light. Sherri Buerkle is shopping around a paranormal YA called Dark Secrets, and dressed in these shoes, her heroine would be “ready to take on the world.” I can’t find a website for her.

Platforms at the front of the shoe means the heel can be high but the foot may not be quite as arched. Here are two good examples.

That bronze glitter really shot sparks, which is appropriate since Kelle Z Riiley‘s story, Tinder House, appears in an anthology that raises money for S. California firefighters. The book is called In the Heat of the Moment.

Again, higher than they look because of the platform, and aren’t the flowers on her nails a nice touch? Lisa Paitz Spindler, website designer and writer of science fiction with a twist, says these shoes would show that her heroine “knows how to kill a man with a heel.” They do look sturdy.

Beverly Crandon is a website designer (, and said these shoes show that, “I like nice things because they’re Marc Jacobs, and I love fun things because of the color.” She also has excellent balance.

I love this picture, and not just because it’s of fellow Wet Noodle Posse member Trish Milburn (aka Tricia Mills). You might remember her as the gal who presented the RITA for YA at the awards. She looked like a movie star. Trish has also written a firefighter story: A Firefighter in the Family, which will come out in September. If her heroine wore these shoes, that would say, “She’s ready to forgive the hero and go out for a night on the town.” Ooh, I just got goosebumps.

There are even higher heels to come. I have to eat something.


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