And I’ll take the even higher road…

These gals are not messing around.

Agent Kelly Mortimer (Mortimer Literary) accidentally left her shoes at home (I know!), and somehow managed to run out and find these. They looked like agate and glowed like coals. According to Kelly, if one of her clients’ heroines wore these, “I’d say she has excellent taste and big feet.”

Yeah, baby! I am blown away by the design of these shoes. I love that they are woven leather and still look techno. And yes, they are platforms, but they’re still high. Tamara DeStefano (no site) writes series contemporary, and says that if the heroine of Lady and the Scamp wore these, people would say, “Damn, she must have strong ankles!”

Don’t be fooled by the fact that these next shoes have wedge heels.
I’m pretty sure they’re just as high as the previous pair.

I spotted Kira Sinclair‘s shoes in the awards banquet crowd, then lost her, and finally found her again. Note that the top of her foot is almost vertical, and the back point of the wedge hits the ground in front of Kira’s heel. If they were at the back, they’d be even taller. They’re also very narrow at the bottom, so she had to be careful posing. Kira had extra reason to celebrate that night. Her book, Whispers in the Dark, was released the day before. If her heroine wore these, it would mean, “she’s over the past.” The pictures do not do these shoes justice — these babies sparkled. To get a better idea of the color, go here and look at the bottom photo, bottom right. They caught Barbara Vey’s eye, too.

Hang in there kids, we still have about 15 more pairs to go.

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3 Responses to “And I’ll take the even higher road…”

  1. Rene Says:

    I ran into Kelly the day she arrived and she said she had forgot her shoes. She assured me me I would have loved her shoes she got for the awards ceremony. But those are pretty sweet. I really like Kira’s shoes.

    There was a Stuart Weitzman boutique a couple of blocks from my hotel but I managed to walk right by it. It hurt, but I did it.

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    I feel your pain, honey.

  3. Tamara DeStefano Says:

    I just love this site. Exactly what a self proclaimed shoeholic is looking for.
    Thanks Esri, you’re the bomb baby!

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