Shoe Review Six – Click your heels three times…

I got home at 10:30 PM yesterday after a full day of travel. Let us have a moment of sad reflection for those who had delayed flights and lost luggage. I only had the first.

I dropped a few pounds at conference, probably because of the time I spent walking to find shoes and bending to take pictures of shoes. Note to self: Suddenly squatting in the melee that is the post-awards dessert reception is not a good idea. I almost sent a woman ass over teakettle as she backed into my hunched form. If I do this next year (Barbara Vey is still catching up on her email), I’ll have to strap a bicycle flag to my butt. Maybe I can get one in black, with a little sequined detailing.

Aren’t these silk shoes pretty? Brown rhinestones decorate the rectangle on top. These belong to Serena Robar, whose YA book, Giving Up the V, is a summer release next year. Serena says that if her heroine wore these, that would show “she has darned good taste.”

Going from right to left, below is a picture Serena, along with internet pal o’ mine Erin Eisenberg and Dona Sarkar (she of the silver heels that made me drool).

Erin’s a great gal. Sadly, her shoes did not move me.

These did, though.

Susan Crandall said that if the heroine of Pitch Black wore these shoes, that would mean, “her feet hurt.”

Yes, there can be a dark side to fabulous shoes, a price that can’t be counted in dollars.

Pity Kieran Kramer, who did not warm up properly before entering the high-heeled marathon. Kieran was one of my roomies. I loaned her a pair of Clarks, but I fear it was too late. Kieran doesn’t have a website yet, but she writes Regencies, and says feet like these would shout, “She danced all night.” Or possibly they would whimper. Oh, and Kieran also suggested that next year I take photos of bras. (It was very late.)

Lillian Feisty was injured pre-conference, but soldiered on.

I really wanted to get the shoe, cast and crutch lined up, even though she almost fell over. If the heroine of Lillian’s Harlequin Spice, Taken, wore this boot cast, that would mean “she had been having way too good a time.” Safe sex, people. Safe sex.


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