Shoe Review Seven – White Out

White shoes aren’t the magnets for spaghetti sauce that white jeans are, but they are still fragile flowers that must be protected. Or possibly they’re lean, mean, stompin’ machines. You decide.

These white T-straps have metal medallions and are owned by Rachelle Chase. Rachelle says that if the heroine of her book Sin Club wore these, they would say, “I’m going to get him tonight.”

White-and-tan shoes and white pants. Marie Bostwick is braver than I am. If the heroine of her book, Single Thread, wore these, they would say, “She’s a handsome woman of a certain age.”

White shading to gray, and I love the little scallop on the side. Hope Tarr, author of Bound to Please, the first Harlequin Blaze historical, says that these shoes clearly state, “She’s oblivious to pain.”

Are you ready for these next shoes?

I’m not sure you are.

These shoes were hand made in Italy, and Karen White is their blissful owner. I not only had to photograph them, I had to touch them, too. They were absolutely luminous, and look at that whisper of a heel! I have no idea what she wore. Here’s a detail shot.

Italy is known for its glass, which is almost certainly what those pearls are made of. Cinderella WISHES she had these shoes. Karen White is the author of The House on Todd Street, and if her heroine wore these, it would say, “I’m on fire.” Karen has another pair of shoes coming up, in red.

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    […] Still waiting on all those RWA photos to rush in geyser style but in the interim Alert Blog Watcher and historical romance author, Diane Gaston sent me this link to author Esri Rose’s shoe review. […]

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