Shoe Review Part the Fifth

It occurs to me that’s it’s not really a review, it’s a revue, but I’m not going to confuse the search engines at this point. Next year I’ll make up cards. When RWA attendees get home and sort through their pile of 20,000 bookmarks, will they actually remember that it was the elfy chick who snapped their shoes? I wouldn’t.

Behold the girls of summer.

The beauties below belong to Anna Sugden, author of Bad Boy, Good Man. Shoes like this make me want to get a little beige rug for people to stand on next year. Anna says that if her heroine wore these, “it would show that she’s achieved her character growth.” Brava.

Fellow Noodler Jennie Lucas, author of Caretti’s Forced Bride, wore these charming canvas wedges to the Golden Network reception. According to her, they say, “It’s springtime in San Piedro!”

Jackie Ivie (A Knight Well Spent) looked incredible (as usual) in a tanzanite-colored dress and these Cinderella-style sandals at the Kensington party. According to Jackie, these shoes would mark her heroine as a “man killer.”

Lucie Simone, author of A Taste of Italy, went mod with white patent-leather slides decorated with a buckle. Lucie has a mental-health tip that’s probably shared by a lot RWAers. “A new pair of shoes will chase away the blues.”

Note the jazzy molded heel.

Oh. My. God. Red patent-leather, high-heeled Mary Janes with a convertible strap. If you’re thinking, “Shoes like that should belong to an author named Delilah Marvelle,” then you’re freakin’ psychic. Delilah played Moonflower in The Golden Network’s flower-power sketch, and then proceeded to get booted for her sale of Mistress of Pleasure. She says these shoes would mark her heroine as a “fiery, independent woman.” Her friend, Elaine Levine, pointed out that since the book is a historical, the heroine would have to wear the 19th century version. Elaine also suggested that I take a vote on the best shoes, and I think that’s a fine idea. I’ll set up a contest once I get home, maybe for a gift certificate to either Barnes & Noble or Zappos. BTW, Elaine has one of my favorite book titles, Rachel and the Hired Gun.

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3 Responses to “Shoe Review Part the Fifth”

  1. PatriciaW Says:

    I love this report from RWA! Fun, irreverent, and hey, I can get fashion lessons!

    What does it say about a woman who spends her time at a conference photographing other women’s feet?

    And what does it say about a woman who enjoys looking at the shoes (not the feet quite so much)? Did you notice everyone had a pedicure? Doesn’t anyone eschew toenail polish anymore?

  2. Amie Stuart Says:

    What you forgot to mention was that Jackie is like 6 ft tall WITHOUT heels (and she looks like a freaking model heeeh)

  3. Esri Rose Says:

    She really is a stunner.

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