Welcome to the Shoe Review!

The idea is simple. When I see a cute pair of shoes here at the RWA conference, I ask the owner her name, her latest book’s title (if applicable), and the following question: “If these shoes were on your heroine’s feet, what would they say about her?”

First up, Jeffe Kennedy, paranormal author and the gal who came up with the term “Shoe Review.” She was my first, and I forgot to ask her title. Put it in the comments, Jeffe! Is it Pearl? [Turns out it’s Obsidian.]

Re: her heroine: “It’s a strange place she comes from.”

Karen Anders, whose Up Close and Dangerously Sexy will be a March 2009 release.

Re: her heroine: “She’s a risk taker.”
Her friend, Heidi Betts: “These shoes say, ‘Let me just wipe off my sword…'”

D.D. Scott

Re: her heroine: “She’s sexy, sassy and smart!”

Carla Parker, publishing professional from Harper Collins.

Since she’s not a writer, I asked what these Prada beauties said about her.
“I’m determined that it’s always summer, and my path is strewn with flowers.”

And although the flash messes with the color, her green nail polish complements the flower stems.

This is only the first of the RWA shoe posts. Click here for the clickable index.


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3 Responses to “Welcome to the Shoe Review!”

  1. Jeffe Kennedy Says:

    Hi Esri!

    The book is “Obsidian.” “Pearl” is an unrelated short story, but thanks for noticing! The shoes, for the record, are Anne Klein.

    Thanks for the fun record!


  2. Tamara DeStefano Says:

    Thanks for all the pics Esri. I absolutely love those Prada sandals Carla Parker wore. How adorable are those little floral thongs?
    I met you at RWA nationals 2008 upstairs after the gala event and you stopped me to shoot my black patent platform sandals ala BeBe. Can’t wait to see them on your blog. Until then, I’ve perused your website and love it. I plan on buying your book on my next trip to the bookstore. The blurb sounds compelling and I look forward to reading your work.
    Please continue to shoot those shoes. It’s fun getting a look at all the varieties.
    I thought I might share something as well while I’m at it. A few years ago I entered the Leanne Banks, Why my favorite shoes are so special to me, in 100 words or less contest and happily won the grand prize-5 pair of Nine West shoes. I was given the opportunity to waltz into a Nine West boutique and choose five pairs, any style, any price. I had a blast and came home with some gorgeous shoes. Thought I might share my winning poem with everyone.

    A difficult question to answer you see,
    why my favorite shoes are so special to me.
    The quandary is, I’ve got more than one,
    precious and needed just like the sun.
    They speak to me daily, some whisper, some shout,
    kitten heels mew sweetly, rain slickers just pout.
    Platform wedges say, “Pick me! I’m so sexy with shorts!”
    Silver cross trainers roar, “Let’s dominate in sports!”
    Strappy sandals giggle in anticipation of a party,
    Stiletto heels moan softly, a little bit naughty.
    Please don’t make me choose my favorite pair,
    They are all just as necessary as life giving air.

    Hope that gave you a smile, if nothing else.
    Thanks again for your blog.
    Have a fantastic writing week,

    Tamara DeStefano

  3. Esri Rose Says:

    Hi, Tamara! What a great poem! I’m not at all surprised you won, and what a FAB prize (drools over self). Nine West is one of my favorite brands.

    Your shoes were one of the pairs I’d love to have for myself. (The rest of you will see them soon.)

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