Shoe Review Two

This is really fun, although people are going to wonder why I spend my time wandering around looking at the floor. I can hear them by the end of conference. “Oh, that’s the Shoe Review woman. She’s harmless.” Actually, the opposite scenario seems to be true. Women who have fabulous shoes are happy to show them off. Lacy Danes and I really wanted the metallic sheen of her red-leather to show. I’m happy to say we finally got it. Just make sure you’re looking at the picture straight on.

Lacy’s historical is on shelves now, and is called Animal Lust. If her heroine wore these shoes, they’d say, “Scandalous!'”

Barbara Keaton and I sat at the same lunch table, where we howled with laughter over Victoria Alexander‘s speech. Victoria puts the fun in profundities, lemme tell you. We were unable to see Victoria’s shoes.

Here are Barbara’s, however.

Barbara’s book, One in a Million, will be out October 17, and these shoes would say, “She’s a bad sister!” if her heroine wore them. If she wore them with Barbara’s dress, they would also say, “I am really good with color coordination.”

Speaking of bad, let us contemplate the shoes of Scarlett James, in oyster nubuck with burgundy patent trim and bows. Mercy.

About Scarlett’s heroine, these shoes would say, “She’s confident, she knows that there’s power in her sexuality, but that’s not the only thing that’s important to her.”

Shelli Stevens book is called Tempting Adam, and these shoes would certainly do that.

Of her bargain-conscious heroine, they would say, “I got them on Broadway, at a consignment shop.” Shelli, however, did not.

Teresia Derlén does not have a website, (something I’m sure she’ll fix soon so I can update this, hint, hint), but she has good taste in shoes and a hell of a book concept: “Swedish Anne of Green Gables meets Sleeping with the Enemy.”

Please note the black leather flowers. Pretty…


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