RWA Madness!

I’ve been dodging bullets like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. Got to the airport, and there was a HUGE line of people whose flights had been canceled. My flight was still on. Called Angel Joe, and he told me there had been hundreds of bags lost at the San Francisco airport. Mine got through. Took the BART to the hotel, no problema.

I need to have someone take a picture of my roomies and me. It’s FUN to room with three other girls! Two blondes, a redhead and a brunette, all laughing and talking a mile a minute. We’re like the supporting cast of a 60s movie starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.

The Literacy Signing went well last night. People bought my books and chatted up a storm.

There I am. See my Legolas action figure from my video? He’s holding his scepter. I made people squeeze his legs together so he would raise and lower it.

And here’s fellow Noodler Janet Mullany! I’ve already read Rules of Gentility three times.

Here’s Jess Riley, author of Driving Sideways. Apparently she had her own photographic microclimate, ’cause I couldn’t get a good pic of her no matter how I tried. I’m getting that book as soon as I get home. She put me in the acknowledgments because I did a critique for her when we were both still newbies. I don’t know if I did her any good or not, but it was damn sweet of her to mention me. She writes really funny, manic stuff. I loved the version I read. (She probably couldn’t tell that from my critique. That was before I learned to use offer the carrot and not just the stick.)

And here’s Farrah Rochon, who sat next to me. Sweet gal, and VERY POPULAR with readers. I’m going to get her newest, Release Me. It’s an inside look at agenting in the entertainment industry, and the first couple of pages sucked me right in. I didn’t buy anything at the signing because I didn’t want to wait in the ENORMOUS line. And the noise level was extreme. I had to shout whenever someone came to talk to me.

I feel bad that I didn’t get a photo of Karen Rose, who sat on my other side. She’s a NYT bestseller and was really sweet to me. I took a look at her books, and they’re scary. I wouldn’t be able to sleep. If you want a thriller that’ll scare the pants off you, buy her.


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2 Responses to “RWA Madness!”

  1. Tez Miller Says:

    Love your sign about cover flats – I am a collector, but I have your signed book, and that’s even better than a cover flat 😉

    Happy birthday to Marta if you see her, and have a lovely day! 🙂

  2. Farrah Rochon Says:

    It was great sharing a table with you, Esme! Congrats again on that first sale. I’m looking forward to being “neighbors” on the shelves of B&N. 🙂

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