Rolling Pigeons

My parents told me about this breed of pigeons named Birmingham Rollers. They do this cool aeronautic trick (the birds, not my parents).

I assume it evolved as a response to a hawk coming at it. After years of breeding, now it does it just for fun, presumably. Now, if you look at this Wikipedia article, you’ll see there is a non-flying version that people roll across the ground as a sport, as in the following video. This video has a disclaimer that says,

NOTE: ROLLING THE PIGEONS DOES NOT HURT THEM!! THEY ARE BRED FOR THAT SPECIFIC PURPOSE! This was taken at my school’s Food for America Day. This was my group’s project.

I’m afraid the first statement doesn’t follow from the second. White mice are bred for experiments, but that doesn’t mean the experiments don’t hurt. I’d be happier if they put the pigeons down and gave ’em a little push to get them going, but some of them are throwing them like bowling balls. But at least these kids are equal opportunity. They roll one of their buddies.


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