Discovery 1

The power went out this morning. This has been a regular occurrence this summer because 1) everyone’s had their AC on because of the heat and 2) our neighborhood is heavily subdivided, and the power grid doesn’t quite take that into account. So I got out my spiffy laptop backpack that I bought on a huge sale, with the intention of going to the library to work. Got myself cleaned up. Called Dominick and told him someone else would need to let the poochies out for a wee. Packed all my crap up. Went to get my shoes. The power came back on.

So I stayed home, where I don’t have to pack everything away and take it with me to the bathroom. But while packing the pack, I discovered a side pocket that contains a net water-bottle pouch. Sweet! Someday, I’ll even get to use it.

Discovery 2

Looked in the mirror and saw that my trapezius muscles are getting developed from schlepping buckets of water to fill the two swamp coolers (one upstairs, one down). Downside: This makes my neck look shorter. Upside: I can probably swing a mean baseball bat now.



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