Fireworks ‘n’ stuff…

Instead of going to Folsom Field with thousand of other Boulderites on July 4th, Angel Joe, Uncle Dennis, Neighbor Brad and I watched the municipal fireworks from the McGuckin’s parking lot. Actually, we sat in the Brewing Market’s outdoor seating. It was a pretty good view, with no traffic on the way home.

Here are some pics I took with my Canon Elph set on the fireworks setting, a long exposure, and no attempt to keep the camera steady.

I was out on the porch this AM, chatting with Dominick, when Musette climbed the cherry tree, jumped to the roof, and from there jumped to a tiny, steep half-roof that covers the bay window at the front of the house. She looked like she was really slipping, so I picked up a molded-plastic deck chair and rested the seat bottom on top of my head, holding on to the front legs with my hands. She didn’t hesitate, but jumped onto it, and then I tipped her onto the patio table. Dominick said, “It’s like a Chinese circus act!” I told Musette she couldn’t expect me to do that again. I don’t think she listened.

Still pounding away on revisions, with lots of rearrangement and brand new scenes. It’s going to be so much better. Yay!


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