Revising apace…

I’m through the first hundred pages of revisions on Book Two (Bound to Want Him, May 2009). You know, I consider myself a good writer, but I see the things my editor suggests and I wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” She’s really good.

She probably sees my first draft and thinks, “Good writing, but there’s so much work to be done on the relationship!” And in this case, the plot, which is more complicated than is ideal for a romance. Some of that was the result of persnickety world-building and some the result of my slavish devotion to logic. God forbid a sharp reader should ask, “But why didn’t they do this?” My natural tendency is to spend too much time answering that hypothetical reader.

But I’ll say this for me: I’m reasonably quick on the uptake, and once Danielle gives me directions, it frees me to focus on the emotions and get really artistic with them. She seemed very pleased with the revision results last time, but the proof is in the contract pudding — we’ll see if they pick up my option book. 😉

In other news, Musette has become quite spoiled and stand-offish. This is a sign that I’ve been picking her up and generally fondling her too much. A couple days of chilly looks and barely touching her and she’ll be cuddly again. We’ve been through this before. Although her laser-toy addiction doesn’t help. That’s all she seems to want. I’m just a hand to wield the fascinating red light.


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